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management of chyle leak after head and neck surgery - chyle leak formation is an uncommon but serious sequela of head and neck surgery when the thoracic duct is inadvertently injured particularly with the resection of malignancy low in the neck the thoracic duct is the primary structure that returns lymph and chyle from the entire left and right lower half of the body chyle extravasation can result in delayed wound healing dehydration, thieme medical publishers journals - the thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon the thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon publishes articles of the highest standard from internationally recognized thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons cardiologists anesthesiologists physiologists and pathologists this journal is an essential resource for anyone working in this field, evaluation of the benefit and use of multidisciplinary - in the complex treatment path for patients with head and neck cancer multiple specialists will provide input into the treatment plan a team approach is designed to provide all patients with a carefully determined treatment plan focused on providing the most comprehensive effective care possible, hpv positive oropharyngeal cancer wikipedia - signs and symptoms like other cancers arising in the head and neck region hpv opc may be an asymptomatic incidental finding of an abnormality in the mouth by the patient or a health professional present with local symptoms such as difficulties with speech swallowing and breathing as well as pain and infection or as a swelling in the neck if the cancer has spread to lymph nodes there, journal of functional morphology and kinesiology mdpi - journal of functional morphology and kinesiology an international peer reviewed open access journal, pressure to the neck www forensicmed co uk - loss of consciousness and pressure to the neck swann brucer 1949 dogs survived seven to fourteen minutes of obstructive asphyxiation and it was shown that there was a raised partial pressure of carbon dioxide then reduced heart rate followed by a terminal tachycardia and abrupt cardiac failure, determine submission method publicaccess nih gov - submission method a journals make the final published version of all nih funded articles available in pubmed central pmc no later than 12 months after publication without author involvement the start date shown for each journal is the earliest publication date that meets this requirement enter a journal name below to see if it uses submission method a, top guidelines center for open science - the standards published in science in 2015 the transparency and openness promotion guidelines include eight modular standards each with three levels of increasing stringency journals select which of the eight transparency standards they wish to implement and select a level of implementation for each, embc 18 program thursday july 19 2018 - embc 18 40th annual international conference of the ieee engineering in medicine and biology society hilton hawaiian village waikiki beach resort honolulu usa, obstructive sleep apnea in adults medical clinical - number 0004 policy aetna considers the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea osa in adults aged 18 and older medically necessary according to the criteria outlined below, research ukzn ac za - isi 2017 wos scie 0556 8641 1607 3606 0256 0046 0013 8398 1681 5564 0041 4751 0038 1969 0379 9069 1608 9685 0038 2353 philosophical papers 1021 447x 1021 2019, job recruitment online application form - institution in chronological order starting with the most recent highest qualification name of institution country, carcinome cellules de merkel prise en charge actuelle - le stade de la maladie a des implications pronostiques et conditionne la prise en charge th rapeutique cependant plusieurs classifications restent utilis es ce qui est source de confusion dans l interpr tation des donn es de la litt rature, online journal a e www lib fmu ac jp - opac, about us asian journal of science and technologies - asian jo urnal of science and technology ajst is a monthly open access peer reviewed and fully refereed international journal being an international journal focused on engineering management science and mathematics we broadly cover research work on next generation cutting edge technologies and effective marketing strategies