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active fire data earthdata - firms fire based maps images are offered through the open geospatial consortium ogc web map service wms and wms with time support wms t these services enable users to access the firms active fire data using a local desktop or web gis client, terradaily com earth news earth science energy - earth news earth sciences energy and environment jet engine sound tremors send afghan villagers fleeing deadly landslide khenj district afghanistan afp july 12 2018, how to access esa data earth online esa - the revised esa earth observation data policy was approved by the esa earth observation programme board in may 2010 and applies to the esa missions ers 1 ers 2 envisat goce smos cryosat and future earth explorer missions the policy defines two classes of esa datasets the free dataset, earth i a global space company - the vivid i constellation the forefront of planetary data we are earth i we are building a large constellation of very high resolution satellites that will work in flawless harmony ultimately raising revisit rates to several times a day and delivering near real time video and still images from space, marei centre marine and renewable energy ireland - marei is the marine and renewable energy research development and innovation centre supported by science foundation ireland, future directions auscope auscope - the national provider of integrated research infrastructure to realise the collective potential of australian earth and geospatial science researchers, nova official website earth from space - earth from space is a groundbreaking two hour special that reveals a spectacular new space based vision of our planet produced in extensive consultation with nasa scientists nova takes data from earth observing satellites and transforms it into dazzling visual sequences each one exposing the intricate and surprising web of forces that, earth planet britannica com - earth earth third planet from the sun and the fifth in the solar system in terms of size and mass its single most outstanding feature is that its near surface environments are the only places in the universe known to harbour life, privacy policy airbus home - name of cookies purpose retention period cookies banner cookies policy approval session duration video played user experience to show the intro video once only, what could we lose if a nasa climate mission goes dark - feature what could we lose if a nasa climate mission goes dark researchers are racing to replace the pioneering grace satellites which are threatened by both dying batteries and trump era budget cuts, earsc european association of remote sensing companies - the european association of remote sensing companies earsc is the european organization which on a non profit basis promotes the use of earth observation eo technology and especially the companies in europe which offer eo related products and services, climate change at the arctic s edge - climate change climate change at the arctic s edge scientists expect to observe the greatest effects of global warming in the arctic but what exactly will these effects be, jaxa satellites and spacecraft - get information on the satellites and spacecraft the japan aerospace exploration agency jaxa performs various activities related to aerospace as an organization from basic research in the aerospace field to development and utilization, goes r series noaa national environmental satellite - noaa goes 17 shares seiss instrument first light may 15 2018 the space environment in situ suite seiss instrument on board noaa s recently launched goes 17 satellite is successfully sending data back to earth, welcome to the g ant website - g ant is the leading collaboration on e infrastructure and services for research and education we support open innovation collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst our members partners and the wider research and education networking community