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quaternary quaternary life britannica com - quaternary quaternary life the length of the quaternary is short relative to geologic and evolutionary time scales but the rate of evolutionary change during this period is high, quaternary extinction event wikipedia - the quaternary period saw the extinctions of numerous predominantly megafaunal species which resulted in a collapse in faunal density and diversity and the extinction of key ecological strata across the globe, morphine drug britannica com - morphine morphine narcotic analgesic drug used in medicine in the form of its hydrochloride sulfate acetate and tartrate salts morphine was isolated from opium by the german chemist f w a sert rner in about 1804, timeline quaternary ice ages have come and gone bbc home - watch bbc video clips about the glacial and interglacial periods that started on earth about 2 6 million years ago, curated reference collection in earth systems and - this online reference module forms the definitive source for those entering researching or teaching in any of the many disciplines making up this interdisciplinary area of study